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The Flesh Of A Good Pig II…

Stereo on, cooking bacon

Stereo on, cooking bacon

Bacon frying in one pan, eggs in the other.

I had my breakfast earlier – two perfectly boiled eggs instantly devilled with a splash of Louisiana  Hot Sauce, and a bowl of berries and coconut.

No, this is Mrs. Paleovirtus’ breakfast.

Ironically, the Englishman takes extra strong Swedish coffee with his breakfast, and the Swede English tea. Funny old world, innit?

I took a cup of coffee just after sunrise on our balcony, before even the first of the day’s joggers and dog-walkers hit the beach over the road.

It reminded me of that scene from King’s “The Langoliers“, that what I was seeing was a day pregnant with possibility and potential.

Not just a day, though, a season, an entire year, all fanning out from this datum line, this pause between tick and tock, a frozen instant when the pendulum stops at the end of an arc.

It starts here, I thought, the great Outdoors campaign, a time of longboard cruises and kick-scooter trips for coffee, long bike rides and short-notice, ad-hoc picnics.

Come the back-end we might be bored of it all, but I sincerely doubt it.

That all comes later, of course.

Right now, I’ve got new bushings to fit on my longboard, and a 16 tooth sprocket to fit on my bike.

This is going to be brilliant.

See you in October…..

Breakfast Berries

Breakfast berries

Breakfast berries

I noticed the bright colours of the packaging first, which, being profoundly colourblind, isn’t something that happens terribly often.

There they were, sandwiched between the blueberries and the mango chunks in the frozen fruit section, a new “exotic” berry mix.

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Christmas Ham and Eggs

Christmas ham and eggs

Christmas ham and eggs

Merry Christmas! Hope you’re having a good one!

Up here in Sweden we did the bulk of our celebrating yesterday, on Christmas Eve, or Julafton as we say hereabouts. We trotted over to one of Mrs. Paleovirtus’ Aunt’s place, to liberally stuff ourselves with Julbord, which as the name suggests is the seasonal variation of our utterly legendary Smörgåsbord. 

I’d be here until Doomsday if I was to even attempt to list all the dishes that might appear on a righteous, old school Julbord, so I won’t. I’ve got far better things to be getting on with today, as have you, I strongly suspect.  Let’s just sum up Julbord this way – great meat, superb fish, wonderful veg. By the cartload.

This morning I was awake early, and decided  to make breakfast a simple job, given that I might be quite busy today, too. I opted for a couple of good, thick, slices from the Christmas Ham, or Julskinka, and a few boiled eggs. Perfect.

By the sound of it, my womenfolk expect me to get crafty with a clucker this afternoon, as well as cast a few kitchen spells in the general direction of a lump of red cabbage.

I’ve got a secret stash of medjools,  and enough tea to fill an Olympic sized swimming pool, so I’m game for anything!

A Thoroughly International Breakfast

Breakfast of champions

Breakfast of champions


There is no other sound like it.

It is the sound of a deflated bicycle tyre labouring over a tiled section of pavement. It is not a sound you particularly want to hear at 5:27 am, on a dark, bitterly cold Wednesday morning, with a gale once again whipping in from the sea.

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Prosciutto, smoked salmon, and poached eggs

Prosciutto, smoked salmon, and poached eggs

Prosciutto, smoked salmon, and poached eggs

As part of my fitness regime, I usually go on 2 bike rides every day.

The first is an early morning run, on week days starting around 5 am, a 12 km. loop around town. By starting out so early not only do I miss out on a great deal of traffic on the city’s cycle paths, I also get to see the city waking up.

I think a city really only tells you who it is before 7 am – thereafter the mask and the make-up goes on, and the city’s real face is hidden behind a façade.

At the weekend, however, my timetable is a bit more forgiving, and so I set off slightly later, and ride further, but at a more genteel pace.

Whereas on a weekday I would snatch a bowl of fruit on my return, come Saturday I like to spend just a little more time, and put together a more substantial plate.

This is one of my favourites, for when I want a little more than plain old bacon.

After a long autumnal bike ride, this really hits the spot, and what’s more it’s ready in under 5 minutes from when you walk in the door…


Prosciutto, smoked salmon, and poached eggs

Serves 1


  • 3 slices Prosciutto Crudo
  • 3 slices cold smoked salmon
  • 2 medium eggs
  • plenty of black pepper


  • Arrange the prosciutto and the smoked salmon slices on your breakfast plate.
  • Poach your eggs – I use the super fast microwave method, they’re ready in around 90 seconds. Place on the plate.
  • Dose liberally with black pepper. Serve, with a nice mug of green tea.

Bara Brittiskt’s Breakfast

Bacon and eggs

Bacon and eggs

Now that I’ve successfully relocated back to the Home Kitchen, I’m looking forward to cooking for my womenfolk again.

Mrs. Paleovirtus, who blogs in Swedish about all things British over at Bara Brittiskt, is especially happy about this.

Her busy morning routine, which involves a commute over an international border, doesn’t usually give her the time to prepare a full breakfast for herself, and so having a willing volunteer ready to serve up a cooked meal is a serious boost to the start of her day.

Here I went along with her love of all things British, and knocked out what is perhaps the stereotypically British early morning meal, bacon and egg. This is a combination that is not only perfectly Paleo, but also puts a smile on the face of Mrs. Paleovirtus, what with her being a disciple of all things LCHF.

Since I was using a good quality non-stick frying pan, only the merest sploot of olive oil was added to the pan when cooking the bacon, with the eggs subsequently frying in all that delicious rendered bacon fat.

The only other thing that was needed to send Mrs. Paleovirtus on her way with a spring in her step and a smile on her face was a bucket sized mug of builder’s tea made from good old PG Tips.

Proper job!

Homeward bound – Day 2, Sunday 24th. August, 2014

A life on the ocean wave...

A life on the ocean wave…

Due to a potentially unhealthy mix of excitement and nerves, I was awake at 6:00 am – a full 2 hours before the on-board restaurant opened to begin serving breakfast.

Luckily I still had a few pistachios left to fall back on, and so I snacked on them until the time came to go up to deck 8 and get a proper meal inside of me.

As so often happens on a road trip, unless you actually have the capacity to physically carry everything you intend to eat with you, you simply have to be prepared to compromise your purest Paleo principles up to a point.

This was obviously going to be the case here, so I chose the next best option – sticking as closely to the core concepts of Paleo as possible, but avoiding the obvious no-nos such as the juices, dairy, cereals and breads.

This was, however, a Danish boat, and if there is one thing that my Danish cousins excel at, it’s knowing what to do with the flesh of a good pig, and so I was able to assemble a pretty damn fine breakfast plate with various tasty cold cuts, a handsome looking liver pâté, and boiled eggs.

Did I say plate, as in the singular form? My bad. That should read plates – the plural form of the noun, for I returned to the buffet on more than one occasion. Throw in a pot of excellent coffee and a sea view, and I sauntered out of the restaurant a half hour later set up for the day.

Breakfast on-board

Breakfast on-board

Some 3 and a bit hours later, the boat docked, and I strolled through a curiously deserted passport control, and in to the arms of my womenfolk, who, bless them, had made the trip from home to meet me off the boat.

Not only that, but they had also come tooled up with a splendid array of fruit for us to scoff on the train home, as well as a bucketful of walnuts and cashews. Happy days.

Once home, and after a prolonged and rather emotional reunion with the aforementioned feline lunatic (see “Day 1”), we went out on a shopping expedition, and came back with cold smoked salmon.

Add in a bit of lemon, plenty of white pepper, and a few vegetables simply prepared, and you had the makings of a homecoming meal fit to grace anyone’s table.

Homecoming meal - cold smoked salmon

Homecoming meal – cold smoked salmon

Banana berry breakfast mess

banana berry breakfast mess

Banana berry breakfast mess

This is simply one of those dishes that no number of talented, dedicated food stylists could make pleasing to the eye – mess by name, mess by nature, if you will.

What it lacks in aesthetic qualities, however, it more than makes up for in the deliciousness stakes, and besides, it’s intended to be eaten for breakfast, a kick-starter for the daily routine, a time when few of us will be at our most observant, ready to dissect the visual properties of our food.

Serves 1


  • 1 banana
  • unsweetened almond milk as required
  • about 2 tbsp dessicated coconut
  • about 2 tbsp almond flour
  • about a handful of frozen mixed red berries
  • about a handful of fresh berries, strawberries or blueberries work well


  • In a shallow bowl mash the banana in a little almond milk until smooth.
  • Add the almond flour, and dessicated coconut. Add more almond milk as required, so that the mixture is not too thick. Set aside for a few minutes while you prepare the other ingredients.
  • Wash / prepare the fresh berries as required.
  • Microwave the frozen berry mixture until defrosted, and then continue in short 30 second or so bursts until the berries are starting to cook down into a sauce. You might have to encourage the saucification process with a sound thrashing administered with the aid of a fork.
  • Microwave the banana mixture for about a minute or so until warm, but not overly hot.
  • Scatter over the fresh berries.
  • Drizzle over the berry sauce. Serve while still warm, contemplating the contradiction or paradox presented by the dish’s less than pleasant appearance, and its divine taste.
  • Congratulations. You are now super-charged, and ready for anything the day can throw at you. Follow up a dish of banana berry breakfast mess with a couple of rashers of bacon and a poached egg, and you will be fit to pronounce yourself King of the World.
  • Follow up your bacon and egg with a grapefruit, and you will be ready to anoint yourself as Lord Protector and High Overseer of the Known Universe.

Egg and bacon

egg and bacon

egg and bacon

For me, this simple, classic, combination forms part of a near-perfect quick and easy weekday breakfast, along with a grapefruit and a swimming-pool sized cup of tea (Yorkshire Gold comes very highly recommended). 

Everyone has their own personal preference when it comes to the preparation of eggs and bacon, but this is the method I use on a daily basis, which is exceedingly quick, and introduces no extra, unnecessary (in my opinion, that is) fat.

NB – if you are in any way, shape, or form, offended or made nervous by the usage of microwave ovens, it might be a good idea to look away now….

NB II – all the timings I give below are for my rather small 700 watt microwave oven.

Firstly, take your bacon and egg out of the fridge in good time before cooking them – they will cook a lot better and easier if at room temperature. My choice here is for a smoked, back bacon, with a little but not too much fat.

I prefer to cook my bacon on a microwave crisper, such as this one from Lakeland in the UK. With my microwave this gives a cooking time of approximately 1 minute 45 seconds. The ribbed construction of the crisper allows the excess fat and water in the bacon to drain away, rather than letting the bacon swim in them, as it would in a frying pan.

The egg should  of course if possible be free range. I have always preferred poached eggs to fried, but we all know just how fiddly they can be, right kids? Well, after much experimentation, I have perfected a microwave based method that just works for me, and has, so far and due entirely to my own negligence (read – setting too long a cooking time!), resulted in only 1 exploding egg. 

The secret seems to be in the volume of water the egg is poached in. The microwave friendly container I use, for example, has a capacity of just 400ml, but works very well. I simply fill it with tap water to just over half-full, crack the egg, and then slide it into the water. I then cook on high power for about 1 minute 45 seconds. I now check to see if the egg is cooked to my liking, and if not cook for another 30 seconds or so, which usually does the trick. 

All that’s left to do is serve the egg and bacon, with a good blast of black pepper, and some fresh, sliced tomatoes. Heavenly!