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Prosciutto, Date, And Nut Salad

Prosciutto date and nut salad

Prosciutto, date, and nut salad

The Paleovirtus womenfolk were having steaks.

I’d had a largish lunch, and couldn’t quite see myself managing a whole lump of beef.

I wanted a salad, but something with a bit of body behind it, if you follow.

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Fourth Floor Scooters And The Big Game

Chicken and vegetable stir fry with cashews

Chicken and vegetable stir fry with cashews

All things considered, Winter could have been a lot worse.

The frozen season was, even by the relatively gentle standards of Southern Sweden, a mild one.

Dark, short, days, as always, but very little of what my pa-in-law poetically referred to as “The White Crap”.

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Chicken With Celery, Green Pepper, and Nuts

Chicken with celery, green pepper, and nuts

Chicken with celery, green pepper, and nuts

Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance.

I simply can’t possibly recall the number of times I’ve tried to drum that mantra into the head of Paleovirtus Jr.

No prizes, then, for guessing what she said as I stared forlornly at the pitiful remains of a bottle of fish sauce, that held approximately one twentieth of the amount that I was going to need for the evening’s dinner.

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Paleo Flying Jacob

Flying Jacob

Flying Jacob

Flying Jacob (Flygande Jacob in Swedish) is about as hard core, old school 1970s as you can get.

It’s the Space Hopper, the Chopper bicycle, the bell-bottomed jeans, of the culinary world. The only way to make it more kitsch would be to dress it in a purple Paisley-patterned shirt with a collar the size of an albatross’ wing-span, complete with a green and yellow kipper tie.

It’s the food equivalent of listening to Abba’s Arrival whilst watching Björn Borg winning Wimbledon.

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I DO give a fig, actually…

Fig, nuts, grapes

Fig, nuts, grapes

I’ve just spent a frustrating couple of hours persuading a bathroom door and a bathroom door handle and lock that seemed from the outset doomed to hate each other until the end of time that they were in fact destined to live happily ever after.

Negotiations were not proceeding well, so I was forced to play my trump cards – a large hammer and an enormous drill.

Mission accomplished.

A prolonged work session in a small, hot, cramped space does tend to take it out of you. I was in need of a quick, nutritious snack.

Enter stage left – A fig, accompanied by a handful of walnuts and cashew nuts, and a few handsome grapes.

That should keep the furnace well stoked until breakfast time, and no mistake. Needs a cup of tea, though. Positively screaming out for one, truth be told.

Tea, Earl Grey, hot. Don’t mind if I do, Captain.

Time to get the kettle on…