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The Flesh Of A Good Pig II…

Stereo on, cooking bacon

Stereo on, cooking bacon

Bacon frying in one pan, eggs in the other.

I had my breakfast earlier – two perfectly boiled eggs instantly devilled with a splash of Louisiana  Hot Sauce, and a bowl of berries and coconut.

No, this is Mrs. Paleovirtus’ breakfast.

Ironically, the Englishman takes extra strong Swedish coffee with his breakfast, and the Swede English tea. Funny old world, innit?

I took a cup of coffee just after sunrise on our balcony, before even the first of the day’s joggers and dog-walkers hit the beach over the road.

It reminded me of that scene from King’s “The Langoliers“, that what I was seeing was a day pregnant with possibility and potential.

Not just a day, though, a season, an entire year, all fanning out from this datum line, this pause between tick and tock, a frozen instant when the pendulum stops at the end of an arc.

It starts here, I thought, the great Outdoors campaign, a time of longboard cruises and kick-scooter trips for coffee, long bike rides and short-notice, ad-hoc picnics.

Come the back-end we might be bored of it all, but I sincerely doubt it.

That all comes later, of course.

Right now, I’ve got new bushings to fit on my longboard, and a 16 tooth sprocket to fit on my bike.

This is going to be brilliant.

See you in October…..

Mexican Tacos Breakfast Frittata

Mexican Tacos Breakfast Frittata

Mexican Tacos Breakfast Frittata

It was stupidly early on a Sunday morning.

There was leftover taco meat in the fridge.

I had eggs, spring onions, cherry tomatoes, and an avocado to play with, and a Thermos flask full of freshly pressed coffee.

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Pancetta, Avocado, and Egg Salad

Pancetta, avocado, and egg salad

Pancetta, avocado, and egg salad

In Stanley Ellin’s brilliant short story “The Speciality of the House”one of the characters, Laffler, is trying to describe his favourite dish, Lamb Amirstan, to his friend Costain…

Laffler remained lost in thought for a minute. ‘If,’ he said at last, ‘I were to give you in my own unstinted words my opinion of this dish, you would judge me completely insane. That is how deeply the mere thought of it affects me.’

I know exactly what Mr. Laffler means. Some dishes just do that to people.

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Chinese Egg and Mushroom Soup

Chinese egg and mushroom soup

Chinese egg and mushroom soup

If you have good stock, you’ve got the keys to the Kingdom sat in your fridge or freezer.

The stock I usually make is based on a recipe I found in the first Chinese cookbook I bought way back in the 90s. Not only do I use this stock in Chinese dishes, I also use it in other types and styles of cooking, too.  Works like a charm.

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Bara Brittiskt’s Breakfast

Bacon and eggs

Bacon and eggs

Now that I’ve successfully relocated back to the Home Kitchen, I’m looking forward to cooking for my womenfolk again.

Mrs. Paleovirtus, who blogs in Swedish about all things British over at Bara Brittiskt, is especially happy about this.

Her busy morning routine, which involves a commute over an international border, doesn’t usually give her the time to prepare a full breakfast for herself, and so having a willing volunteer ready to serve up a cooked meal is a serious boost to the start of her day.

Here I went along with her love of all things British, and knocked out what is perhaps the stereotypically British early morning meal, bacon and egg. This is a combination that is not only perfectly Paleo, but also puts a smile on the face of Mrs. Paleovirtus, what with her being a disciple of all things LCHF.

Since I was using a good quality non-stick frying pan, only the merest sploot of olive oil was added to the pan when cooking the bacon, with the eggs subsequently frying in all that delicious rendered bacon fat.

The only other thing that was needed to send Mrs. Paleovirtus on her way with a spring in her step and a smile on her face was a bucket sized mug of builder’s tea made from good old PG Tips.

Proper job!

The flesh of a good pig…

…is a superb way to start the day.

Good Cornish ham from the St. Ives Food Company was just what the Shaman ordered, and needed nothing more than a poached egg, black pepper, and a splat of my own tomato sauce on the side (recipe to follow).

Breakfast without tea is utterly barbaric, and seeing as due to unforeseen circumstances (the bladdy shop forgot to order any) we are temporarily out of almond milk, I fell back on my stash of green tea bags – not ideal but needs must and all that.

As is my habit my early morning face-stuffing was made complete with half a yellow melon, a good handful of blueberries, and a banana, which due to the on-going almond milk situation was sliced rather than mashed.

Time for the digestion process to work its magic before my early morning promenade around town to pick up fruit supplies for the day.