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Fish, Flesh, and Fruit Salad

Fish, flesh, and fruit salad

Fish, flesh, and fruit salad

Yesterday’s free time had already been promised to other projects, in particular some much needed computer maintenance.

I’d even pencilled in a soccer match on TV , on the assumption that the pointy-clicky technical stuff would go according to plan.

This meant that kitchen time was going to be in short supply. A salad seemed the obvious choice here.

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Thai Salmon and Pineapple Green Curry

Thai green salmon and pineapple curry

Thai salmon and pineapple green curry

If you ride around on bikes, especially if you do so on a daily basis through the depths of a Scandinavian winter, then sooner rather than later you are going to fall off.

There’s a moment, between your realisation that the back end’s started to drift and the actual instant that you meet the asphalt, when time almost seems to stop, and in this curiously elongated, Zen-like, eye of the storm fraction of a second, you are almost instinctively aware that things are Bad, and, once time speeds up again, about to get painfully Worse.

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