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Steak And Mash

Steak and mash

Steak and mash

Crafty use of leftovers? Check!

Discovery of a new vegetable assortment in the freezer section of local supermarket? Check!

Steak? SPROUTS?!! Checkety, check, check, check!!!1!

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Rotfruktsgryta – Swedish Root Vegetable Stew

Rotfruktsgryta - Swedish Root Vegetable Stew

Rotfruktsgryta – Swedish Root Vegetable Stew

Variations of this kind of vegetable stew have been eaten for centuries, and once formed the backbone of the ordinary peasant’s diet. In Britain, it was known as pottage, and even today it’s common to see market stalls selling budget priced “stew packs” of vegetables, ready for the pot after a quick peel and chop.

Sweden was, until relatively recently, primarily an agrarian society. You’ll often hear it said that the vast majority of Swedes are, at most, 3 or 4 generations removed from the farm.

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Paleo Rotmos – Swedish Root Vegetable Purée

Paleo Rotmos Swedish root vegetable purée

Paleo Rotmos, Swedish root vegetable purée

Rotmos, (pronounced “root-moose”) is traditionally a Swedish root vegetable purée made using swede (rutabaga), carrot, and potato.

It works best as an accompaniment to pork knuckle / ham hock dishes – hard core cooks will cook the vegetables in the same water that was used to boil the meat.

It also goes supremely well with more or less any other pork dish you care to mention, especially sausages, as well as most other meat dishes, particularly roasts, or grilled or fried meats.

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