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Seed Crispbread

Seed crispbread fresh from the oven

Seed crispbread fresh from the oven

Yet another recipe inspired by Swedish celebrity Annika Sjöö’s rather wonderful collection of recipes “Annikas Paleokök“.

Here a tasty, nutritious, and filling collection of seeds is bound together by the magic that only chia seeds can do, and then simply baked in the oven, with the lack of egg as a binding agent naturally enough making them perfect for our vegan chums.

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Poundland…you must be nuts!

Cashew nuts

Some cashew nuts earlier today…

UK bargain store Poundland is often derided for the quality of its wares, and sometimes rightly so.

I can still gag at the mere memory of a tin of “tuna” that I bought there once. I strongly suspect that even a semi-feral cat that hadn’t eaten in months would have turned its nose up at it.

They are sometimes capable of surprising, though.

One of their branches in our town has a quite reasonable selection of nuts and seeds, and for your £1 you get a fair old amount of product.

You can’t be sure of the packet’s green credentials, of course, but if you’re trying to do Paleo on a tight budget, then definitely something to have a look at….